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What are the advantages of using OurNoticeboard.com?
You can buy text books that you need either from your seniors or from others in your campus who no longer need them at OurNoticeboard.com by just simply typing your college name and what you are looking for ? Similarly you can sell your used books in your campus by posting an Ad. You might knew few friends/seniors in your campus but they might not have what you are looking for ? This website is to connect with others you don’t know and who have what you are looking for ? This will save lot of time spent in searching several second hand book stores and also your valuable money too by getting a better price for what you are looking for.

How do I sell On OurNoticeboard.com ?
Go to OurNoticeboard.com. Click On “Post an Ad” button. If you are already registered enter your Username and Password else Register. It will take you to very simple 1, 2, 3 steps page. Recheck your details on step 3 and you are all set to go. Once Ad was submitted it will be live only after the ad was approved by our verification team.

Why should I select College name?
By selecting you will find sellers from your college, So that you don’t have to roam around the book stores and also it will be much easier to you to trade it in your college.

Can I buy/sell my books in other colleges or in my city ?
You may if it is nearby and when you didn’t find in your college what you are looking for ? But don’t forget about the security always inform someone about this meet or meet in a secure location for the purchase. To buy from other college just Enter other college name and hit enter.  You can also search in your city. Just enter city name and hit enter. It will return all ads from all the colleges in your city.

Is it necessary to have an account for posting an ad?
Yes, You need to have an account to post an ad.

Is OurNoticeboard.com only for books?
No, You can sell any college related stuff (like drafter,calculators,previous year question papers,Aprons,lab stuff etc.,).

Do I need to pay on line?
No, never pay on line. Meet face to face at a secure location and buy it once you see what you are looking for.

Is OurNoticeboard.com free ! Are there any hidden costs?
OurNoticeboard.com is absolutely free to use for buying/selling. The purpose of OurNotcieboard.com is to save your valuable time and money.

How can I “Delete” or “Mark as Sold” My Ad?
Once you are logged in, Go to MyDashboard on home page. You will see options to “Mark Sold” or “Delete your Ad (X)”.

Shall I Like/Share my ad on facebook ?
Yes we have a feature to Like/Share your ad in facebook, which will be visible to wider audience.

Do Everyone see my phone number?
Phone number is an optional field. Its your wish if you want to share, Otherwise you always have an option that buyer can contact you via Email.

Do I need to Ship the books?
No ,You can directly trade in your campus, If the buyer ask for shipping it is up to you at your own risk.